A downloadable game for Windows

Thanks for downloading Robo/Cat! :D

This is my first (mini) game, created using Unreal Engine 4 without writing a single line of code. Its (loosely) based on Asteroids but with a twist to make things different.

Below are some key points about the game:

- You have to stay alive as long as possible.

- Points earned from defeating enemies are used to buy powerups.

- It's a silly game, made simply in free time for fun.

Ok now the more serious stuff:



You can switch between Keyboard and Mouse and Controller simply by pressing the space by to use KB+M or the start button to play with Controller (Microsoft 360 controller tested)

Standard controller layouts really but here is the rundown

KB+M - wasd to move, mouse to aim and left click fires, E activates powerups when near them.

Controller - left stick moves, right stick aims, right trigger fires, A activates powerups when nearby.

Install instructions



Ok so this was made in a game engine that is in progress itself... Unreal Engine 4 is a hungry mistress and therefore requires some firepower to get it looking sharp.

The game has 4 presets that can be activated by using the 1,2,3 and 4 keys on your keyboard.

These presets go from the lowest possible quality all the way up to the maximum the engine offers natively.

It is likely that running on integrated onboard graphics will give you a poor experience. Unless it happens to be a fairly recent chipset. The game was made using a high performance rig but tested on a budget gaming rig and performed without a hitch.

You may also need to have the latest DirectX version installed and Visual C++ Redistributables that can be found here:




This isn't the one and only game Coffee Conundrum Games is making, to keep up to date with all the shenanigans please find us on twitter @CoffeeConGames.

We have much to learn and many ideas to share. Please leave any feedback through office@coffeeconundrumgames.co.uk - any abuse will not be tolerated, please be constructive with feedback as it is one of the best ways we can improve to make the games you want to play.


Robo_Cat.rar 65 MB